Thursday, 17 May 2012

 A little colourful birthday cake for twin girls Emma and Sydney.
A baby shower cake for a little boy.  Lucky mommy is having two baby showers and so another one for this baby is coming up next week.
A life time of achievement or Kal and a few milestones represented on this smart cake.
Ian's confirmation cake was identical to his brother's last year.  Little story from the client is that they loved looking at the cake so much that none of them had the heart to cut into it, so they decided to keep it.  They have had it on the table for a whole year and said they only threw it out so that they didn't mix the two identical cakes up!
I wonder if this one will be eaten?
Bianka's first communion cake.  Bianka and her mother came in to see us and she fell in love with our pearls and cameos cake that we have in the shop and decided that was what she wanted for her first communion cake.  Her wish was our command and here is the cake, with a 'younger' feel.
And yet another deja vu?  This tea pot cake was ordered for Mother's Day for a very special lady who loves vintage tea cups and pretty things.  I'm sure she'll love this.