Friday, 30 May 2014

Gluten Free Options

We are now making gluten free options to some of our lunchtime menu.
Here you have our gluten free scones (and they're delicious) served with our home made jam and whipped cream and a pot of tea.

Below a warm chicken salad with millet, cranberries, almonds, fresh herbs and feta wouldn't know the difference between this and our gluten version, it's so good.

We also have gluten free cupcakes almost every day.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Menu May 2014

Today's Specials..........

Here's our daily special board with today's specials, this changes every day of course depending on what lovely things we find fresh at the market or what we feel like baking that day!
Today we had a lovely cherry pie offered by the slice.  The best cherry pie I think I've ever made, that lovely buttery short crust pastry full of lots of lovely sour cherries in a sweet, rich cherry sauce....yum.  This particular pie didn't last the whole morning before it was sold out and another one went in the oven to replace it.
Also today, cherry, blueberry or lemon cupcakes all done up like a little pie.  For those who find buttercream a little too sweet/rich, here's a nice compromise with fruit preserves on the top and enough buttercream to make it taste just right.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


We love feedback:  (picture coming soon)

Dear Lynne,

Thank you so much for your help with the shower cake for Annie.
It was so beautiful and tasted just as good!
I was amazed at the fine detail in the parasol on top! what artistry!
All the best to you and your staff for eliminating extra stress for me that day :)

It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I would gladly work with you, and recommend your shop to others!
Take care,


Friday, 23 May 2014

May Newsletter

Let Them Cakes May, 2014

Despite some springtime showers, summer is well on its way bringing with it sunshine and promise of happy times spent out of doors with family and friends.  Summer is also a time of celebration so don't forget to order your cakes, cupcakes cookies and savouries in plenty time.
We've got lots of news, so read on to find out how we can make your summer just a little bit more special.


We are delighted to be able to offer our clients some gluten free options.  We are working on new products weekly and if you're lucky enough to stop by while we are baking we might even ask you to sample it for feedback.
Currently we are offering gluten free cookies and scones (pictured right).  Who knew that gluten free scones could be this light and fluffy?

We are proud of all our cakes, but this one captured our hearts this month, with a lovely story to go along with it.  This bride came along with an idea for a cake in mind, however due to budget restraints she opted for a smaller two tiered cake with less flowers.
During the months leading up to the wedding someone called asking to be able to settle the entire bill for this bride's cake.....and to make it bigger!  Of course we can't allow just anyone to make changes to our client's orders so we checked with the bride (without telling her who the anonymous benefactor was) and she agreed that it would be okay to make the cake bigger.
It turns out that this person also paid for the wedding flowers and the bride's bouquet.
I'm sure by now she must know who gave her this wonderful gift....but just in case all has not been revealed I will not divulge the answer this month but look out on Facebook and I'll post the story there soon.

Everyone knows by now that we are now serving lunches, high tea and so much more in our store than we were previously offering.  The response has been so awesome that we are now enlarging our horizons once again.
Part of our team will be focused on offering our clients delicious, customized wedding and celebration cakes whilst the other part of our team will be delighting our taste buds with pastries and savouries.
We offer showers, birthdays, tea parties and other private events in our shop, for parties of up to 20 guests.  Our prices are exceptional as is our attention to detail.
We offer the same wonderful experience, including the vintage china and table linens, wonderful food and exceptional service for a larger crowd.  Please contact us for more details or visit our website Customized menus are available upon request.
Each day in our tea room we have daily specials, a hot pastry, a salad, a filling sandwich (made with our house made bread), high tea selection, pastry selection and more.  These are posted on our notice board and also on Facebook.  Join our page for more information or call us to ask what is on the menu today.

When we began to offer high tea we were disappointed with the available jam selection available locally, so guess what?  We decided to start making our own.  We began with a Strawberry Vanilla jam followed by:
Champagne and Strawberry Jam
Apple and Blueberry Jam
Rhubarb and Ginger Jam
Pomegranate Jelly
Prune Jelly (and Prune Jam)
Apple Pie Jam
Bananas Foster Jam (with raisins and rum and soft brown sugar)
Mixed Berry Jam
Grenadine and Strawberry Jam
Pineapple Jam.......and many more exciting flavours
These exciting flavours led us to experiment more and come up with Carrot Cake Jam (with carrots, raisins, nuts, spices), Coconut Cake Jam (made with fresh coconut and vanilla), Wedding Cake Jam (with dried mixed fruit, Grand Marnier, nuts, spices and brown sugar) and we have so many more that we want to make.  
Prices vary according to size from $8.00 - $2.00  
Obviously we serve all our own jams when you order high tea or tea and scones at the tea shop.  You can even have a slice or two of our warm home made bread slathered with creamy butter and home made jam!


Please click the icon to go to our cake tasting page.  You will find the 2014 cake tasting schedule along with two other ways that you can try our delicious cakes if you can't make it in at that time.
These events are Open House, so you don't have to RSVP and you are welcome to come to more than one event until you have tried enough cake to make your choice.
We request that only two people per cake order are in attendance so that we have enough space to accommodate the large number of clients that we have and so that there is enough for everyone.  If you would like other family members or friends to taste the cake too, you are welcome to purchase a pack of samples to take home for them.

We love meeting our clients and discussing their needs with them, this is the most exciting and interesting part of our job....besides actually creating the sugar masterpieces that is.
Please click the link to see our opening times keeping in mind that we can be flexible if you think you may need to come after hours or on a Saturday morning we will always try to accommodate you.

Another option that we are now offering is a Virtual Consultation for out of town clients who would still like to meet with us 'face to face' and take a look around our store.  This can either be done just one on one by Facetime or Skype, or you can send a friend or relative to come in and we will connect together with you at your chosen time.  To use this option please click on the icon.
Sweet regards,

Lynne Jury
Let Them Eat Cakes

Monday, 19 May 2014

Bows, Bows and More Bows

Man Cakes

Here are some 'man cakes' that we've done recently.  These are always more of a challenge for us, but we so enjoy the opportunity to do something a little different for our male clients.  Below are cakes for a trout fisher, songwriter, baseball enthusiast, train spotter and........a pirate arrrrrrrrr.

Mini Cakes

Here is a selection of some of our recent mini cakes....we are not always able to make custom mini cakes because of time restraints and because they are so small, but they are always quite beautiful.  Available at short notice (1 hour) and come boxed with a message if you need one.  $15.00 per cake, serves 2 - 4 guests.

Pretty Cupcakes

How cute are these little cupcakes made for an office party decorated with clusters of sugar flowers!
We have a daily selection of cupcakes and always decorate our cupcakes with a small pink rose and some green leaves.  If you would like some other decoration then we would be happy to oblige of course.