Monday, 22 June 2015

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Four Celebrations and a Wedding

Birthday cakes for men always pose a problem, we want to make them exciting and creative, but sometimes it`s not as easy as it sounds!  This time we were asked to make a country/guitar themed cake for an out door birthday party.  We came up with this guitar cake which we are told was a huge hit at the party. 

For an intimate wedding often not very much cake is required but it's still fun to have a cake that fulfills all the criteria for an elegant and stylish wedding cake that fits in with the theme of the day.  This bride chose blush and gold for this timeless cake and we added the couples initials "S" and a little pink heart which appeared on their wedding invitation. 

We don't often make cakes with a Disney theme (for copyright reasons which we have blogged about in the past).  What we are allowed to do is to take ready made copyrighted items and put them onto a matching cake.  Above is an example of that.  Dressed up with dots and bows, this makes such a cute cake for a little girl or even a grown up princess!

A hand painted cake for Mother's Day.  Imagine this Mom's surprise when she walked in to our tea room on Mother's Day to find this cake waiting for her along with a delicious high tea.

Miniature cakes are often ideal for a small celebration of less than 4 people, or something at the last minute when there isn't time to order a fully custom designed cake.  This little cake was made for a little boys first birthday when he was going to be dressed as a strawberry for a photo shoot because his favourite food is strawberries!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Purple Week

Well, although this may not look purple in the picture (my photographic skills leave a lot to be desired) it was actually royal purple with a silver bling base and really beautiful blingy lettering on the top.  Such a smart, elegant cake for Geraldos at La Salle Park

Gender reveal cakes are gaining in popularity.  In short, mom-to-be goes and gets her scan after which the doctor writes the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and seals the envelope.  The envelope is then brought into the shop and we take the cake order.  We open the envelope when it's time to bake the cake which we then make either pink or blue.  The outside is decorated with a gender neutral design or both pink and blue with a little message.  The cake is then cut when all the family and friends are together for a gender reveal party.  Cut the cake open to see if you're having a boy or a girl.

Pure white baptism cake....this was a beautiful design for a spring baptism ceremony.  The diamante cross on top was the star of the show, but we also added little pearls all over and a pearl and diamond heart in the middle of the bow.

Ivory and navy flowers for this beautiful wedding cake with a hand painted background.  The Marriott Hotel, Upper James.

Royal purple was chosen for this huge purple and diamond cake at Michaelangelo's Banquet Center in Hamilton.  Here are the five tiers in all their glory, but regrettably without the beautiful backdrop which was just being put into place at the time of delivery.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

More Cakes

Gold and lace cake with a ribbon of navy blue and an antique finish - Liuna Station - George Room

Purple roses, and lots of them for this beautiful, modern wedding at the Hamilton Art Gallery.

Celebratory cake for McMaster's PGY 3's graduation ceremony....doctors, obviously!

Pretty little pink birthday cake.

My dear friend Wal's birthday on New Year's Day (hence the clock face on the top of the cake).  Champagne and carrot cake is a perfect combination for midnight!

Lily's first birthday with this pink Chanel cake with pretty pink and silver tiara.  Little fashionista in the making, clearly.

Paris.........Oh Paris, what can I say?

Mini cake for Amal's birthday ordered as one of her surprise gifts from her husband.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Personal Favourite

Five years ago I had the pleasure of making a cake for a wonderful couple who met in Bermuda.  It was a blue hexagonal cake covered in shells and coral.  I also made their fifth anniversary cake.  This time I was asked to make a very special wedding cake for their nice who was getting married in Cambridge.  Happily Ever After was their theme and their colour scheme pinks and ivories.  We took the `banner`effect from their invitation and created this cake which had a scrolly detail just like the invitation also.

Pink and Purple Week

This week we had lots of pink and purple cakes, oh so pretty looking around and seeing them all in a group.  Here are just a few of this weeks cakes:
Big purple bow for a birthday cake,  topped off with a big sparkly brooch.

Here`s one for a little girl who likes Minnie.  A first birthday is always a big deal so lots of friends and a pretty cake is always every little girls dream. 
And here is the cake, and Sophia, in all it`s glory!

Confirmation cake at Marquis Gardens Ancaster in pink and gold with tiny blossoms.  This was served with 50 matching cupcakes with pink icing and gold `cherries`on top to finish the look.  Oh so pretty!

Busy Week, Lots of Cakes!

This cake was for a little girl celebrating her birthday at a pottery painting studio.  The client chose a painting themed cake and we were happy that at the last minute we were able to help.

Two cakes fit for a princesses first birthday.  The top cake, two tiered with a tiara was for the guests to eat and the birthday girl had a royal cake all to herself.

This cake was made for a client who completely designed her own cake for this happy couple's ninth anniversary celebration.

A horse riding birthday party for Sophia so we put a little prancing pony on her cake!

A shabby chic wedding cake trio, such soft, pretty blush pink offset with gold hand painted filigree.

30th birthday celebration for Ashley, topped off with a blue crown keepsake.

Tiny wedding cakes are always fun to do, this one was no exception.  Hand painted vines complimented the pale pink sugar roses and off white fondant to make a very soft, summery wedding cake.