Saturday, 30 May 2015

Purple Week

Well, although this may not look purple in the picture (my photographic skills leave a lot to be desired) it was actually royal purple with a silver bling base and really beautiful blingy lettering on the top.  Such a smart, elegant cake for Geraldos at La Salle Park

Gender reveal cakes are gaining in popularity.  In short, mom-to-be goes and gets her scan after which the doctor writes the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and seals the envelope.  The envelope is then brought into the shop and we take the cake order.  We open the envelope when it's time to bake the cake which we then make either pink or blue.  The outside is decorated with a gender neutral design or both pink and blue with a little message.  The cake is then cut when all the family and friends are together for a gender reveal party.  Cut the cake open to see if you're having a boy or a girl.

Pure white baptism cake....this was a beautiful design for a spring baptism ceremony.  The diamante cross on top was the star of the show, but we also added little pearls all over and a pearl and diamond heart in the middle of the bow.

Ivory and navy flowers for this beautiful wedding cake with a hand painted background.  The Marriott Hotel, Upper James.

Royal purple was chosen for this huge purple and diamond cake at Michaelangelo's Banquet Center in Hamilton.  Here are the five tiers in all their glory, but regrettably without the beautiful backdrop which was just being put into place at the time of delivery.