Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Pink and Frilly

Sometimes clients spot cakes in pictures on line and bring them in for me to create.  Sometimes what is suggested isn't quite the kind of thing that we do here.  Recently we had an order for this cake CLICK HERE (a cake made for Kim Kardashian in 2009 for her 29th Birthday).  We managed to convince the client to allow us to make it a little cuter.  We hope you agree.

Taking the basic notion of pink and girly with frilly stuff around the bottom tiers and some pink flowers, we added a classy banner and a generous sprinkling of edible glitter.  Bare in mind too that the original cake was probably for 50 to 70 people whereas this cake was for 10 people.  We hope Alisha will approve. Without being conceited, we think Kim Kardashian might have preferred this one.