Monday, 11 April 2011

Beautiful Birthday Cake

Once in a while I'm lucky enough to get asked to create a cake exactly how I want to do it.
The resulting cakes are always my favourite as they reflect my taste and the way I like to create.
This cake was for a Gowlings Lawyer who wanted a cake for a fellow lawyer that they could display in the board room and that everyone would gasp with delight when they saw it....that was what I was asked for.
The cake was covered with ivory fondant and 'antiqued' with a coral pink pearl dust randomly placed so that there were different depths of colour all over the cake.
We then applied sugar pearls in random strings, with cameos, brooches, gold keys and other details being added.  All were painted with 24kt gold and are completely edible.
We finished the cake with sugar flowers in a small posy to capture some of the Victorian spirit that was part of the design which would suit the Victorian building in which it was to be admired.