Sunday, 31 July 2011

Garden Wedding - Hamilton

Many moons ago we made a wedding cake for a young couple with a baseball on the top, well, the groom's brother was getting married and so they decided to get the couple a cake from us!  How's that for a vote of confidence?
This cake was entirely designed using elements from the wedding invitation, the flags of the bride and groom (forgot to ask what country the second one comes from) and a plant growing in the bride's mother's garden (where the wedding was being held) which was a cup flower and lastly bumble bees.
Bringing this all together as a design was challenging, I felt the flags/hearts were stand alone and an obvious topper.  Since the colours were not as soft as those being used on the cake it seemed natural that they should be on the top.
I hand painted the background of the cake, the leaves, grass and so on then applied random yellow petals to the cake to look like the yellow cup flower on the invitation.  Then we stuck little bees all over the cake to tie in their invitation.