Thursday, 12 September 2013

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Metallic Gold Cakes

metallic gold cake by Let Them Eat Cakes (left) and from Style Me Pretty (right) with photo by Heather WaraksaA metallic gold cake has to be the epitome of wedding luxury – the cakes above by Let Them Eat Cakes (left) and from Style Me Pretty (right) simply exude opulence at a lavish wedding reception. What’s more, they would make a fantastic centrepiece for a 50th anniversary reception also.
The gold metallic effect is very easily created.  There is a wonderful array of edible gold sprays on the market by all the leading brands – Rainbow Dust, PME, Sugar Flair, Squires, Wilton, Dinkydoodle, to name but a few. The metallic gold sprays even come in a choice of light gold and dark gold in some of the brands.
Bear in mind, when spraying your cake, the colour of the fondant or buttercream underneath.  For example, a white iced cake will take much more spray to build up a strong gold sheen than a caramel or beige tinted icing, so it might be worth experimenting with different colour icings before you start our gold wedding or 50th anniversary cake.
Aside from spraying your cake gold, there is also the option of using gold paint applied with a sponge to give a “rubbed gold” effect.  Spraying gives a very even finish but gold paint applied with a sponge to a fondant-covered cake gives elegant an ”antiqued” finish.
metallic gold cakes from Madisons on Main and Connie Cupcakes. com
Our fabulous examples above showcase the versatility of the gold as a wedding theme – it works with virtually every colour palette, but looks super chic with soft pink in the exquisite examples by Madisons on Main (above left) and from Pinterest (above right).
But if you really want to up the pizzazz, then why not go for gold leaf! It’s so luxurious and never fails to impress as our two stunning examples show -the cake below left is fromWedLuxe, while the cake on the right is by the renowned Australian cake designer, Faye Cahill.
gold wedding cakes from WedLuxe (left) Faye Cahill Cake Design (right
Gold leaf would make a particularly special touch for a 50th anniversary cake. It can, however, be tricky to apply but you’ll find a tutorial here (how to apply gold leaf to a cake) to guide you.