Sunday, 19 January 2014

Winter Weddings and The Truth About Glitter

The nice thing about winter weddings is that we are able to go to town with the frost, snow and ice details on our cakes.
It's a nice way to bring in a seasonal theme to your cake and lots of sparkle at the same time.
The wedding cake below had a 'frozen pond' on the top where the bride and groom topper stood (we are waiting for a picture from the happy couple) you can just make out the snow drifts on the top.
The snowflakes were covered in fairy dust in a range of colours from silver, blue and pink.
The sparkle on these elements comes from a special food safe product this is not the same type of glitter that you get at the dollar store!
It would not be suitable to cover a whole cake with the glitter because although it is made for food products and food safe, it isn't a 'food product' per se.  To give an example, birthday cake candles are food safe.  They are created to go on and come into contact with a food item.  If some of the wax drips on the cake it is not a problem, it can be eaten.  However, it would not be recommended to cover a cake with candle wax as it is not a food product.  The same principle applies to metallic finishes on cakes, it's all edible, but you wouldn't really want to cover your whole cake in it.