Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mini Cakes

Our mini cakes are more and more popular, each week we are asked to do them for clients who are looking for a good quality cake that says "Happy Anniversary", "Happy Birthday", "Congratulations" and so on, but for two - four people.  On the left are mini Tiffany cakes that we made for a bridal shower tea party.  They were so cute we didn't want them to leave the shop!
Then there was the beautiful cream coloured rose touched with blush pink on top of a cake, just to say "Thank You".

Then we have our little "Happy Birthday" cake all in pink with it's little white bow and tiny pink rosebuds and another "Happy Birthday" with purple fondant and white and green flowers.

A tiny surprise first anniversary cake for two ordered by a husband who wanted to surprise his wife with something special to mark the occasion.
And finally (well it wasn't, but I didn't take pictures of the other two) we have the little bling cake with it's delightful textured bow and miniature brooch which sits in the middle.
This miniature cakes average $15 and are customizable if ordered far enough in advance.  For last minute orders we can only customize the colours for you and flavours are amongst any we have available at the time and can be ordered as little as one hour before you need it (while stocks last of course).