Wednesday, 12 February 2014

February Newsletter

Let Them Cakes February, 2014
Let Them Eat Cakes
Dear Lynne,

With Valentine's Day almost upon us, here are some ideas of our sweet treats to give to your loved one.  Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom for a coupon for a free sample pack.  Just cut it out and bring it in, and don't hesitate to share this with your friends and family so that they can get their freebies too!


We have concocted some wonderful treats for Valentine's Day and it's not too late to phone in your order.  We will also have a display full of things to come and pick up at the last minute in case you forget to order in time.
Beautiful cupcakes in three flavours, Devil's Food Cake with Chocolate Fudge, Red Velvet with cream cheese, French Vanilla with raspberry buttercream, all decorated with our signature sugar roses.
We have delicious, luxurious, buttery shortbread that is the ultimate to serve with tea or coffee for a quick Valentine's breakfast, or try our cappuccino biscotti, sure to please!
Also we have on offer mini heart cookies filled with delicious buttercream in either vanilla or orange and cardamom flavours. 
Our mini cakes are always a hit at Valentine's Day and we are offering Chocolate Fudge, Red Velvet or French Vanilla all decorated with sugar flowers and ready for your personal message.

We are proud of all our cakes, but this little one captured our hearts this month, a beautiful jungle cake to match the shower invitations for this little boy.  We used both sugar techniques and hand painting with edible paints to create dimension for this creation.
We topped this all off with a beautiful sugar baby which can be kept for a long time as a memento of this event.  To keep sugar decorations, simply put them in a box or if you want to display them then make sure they are behind glass, out of direct light and they will last for years.  Some museums have sugar pieces that date back almost 200 years.  The important thing is to keep all moisture away from the piece, so don't freeze them or put them in the fridge because it will ruin the finish.

Let Them Eat Cakes was lucky enough to be asked to write an article for the Hamilton Spectator's Love insert to their newspaper last Friday.  Our aim was to be as informative as possible about how to choose a wedding cake.  We stressed that purchasing a cake from an Inspected and Certified by the Health Department source is key.  Our certificate hangs in our entrance letting everyone know that our kitchens are clean and maintained to a high standard and all our staff have Food Handler's Certificates.
Even before you think about what your cake tastes or looks like, you need to verify that your vendor meets all the legal requirements otherwise your banquet hall or restaurant is legally bound not to serve it.

When we begin to design a cake for a client we always ask for some information so that the cake will fit the occasion.  It is rare that our clients just bring us a picture and ask us to make it.  It is relevant to know that if we copy a picture that you have brought in, or if we design a cake from scratch for you and personalize it, the price is the same.  
Why not have something that matches exactly your event.  So, if it's a birthday, shower or other celebration then a table napkin or invitation is probably the best thing to bring in.  Sometimes our clients bring items like a blanket, quilt or favourite toy (or simply a picture) so that we can use that for inspiration.
For weddings we request an invitation as this sets the tone for your wedding and is a great first step in getting to know your style and personality.
To illustrate how we can work with a graphic, we decided to create a cake that looked like our logo, so that you can see how we drew inspiration from a picture to make a cake design.
Please click the icon to go to our cake tasting page.  You will find the 2014 cake tasting schedule along with two other ways that you can try our delicious cakes if you can't make it in at that time.
These events are Open House, so you don't have to RSVP and you are welcome to come to more than one event until you have tried enough cake to make your choice.
We request that only two people per cake order are in attendance so that we have enough space to accommodate the large number of clients that we have and so that there is enough for everyone.  If you would like other family members or friends to taste the cake too, you are welcome to purchase a pack of samples to take home for them.
We love meeting our clients and discussing their needs with them, this is the most exciting and interesting part of our job....besides actually creating the sugar masterpieces that is.
Please click the link to see our opening times keeping in mind that we can be flexible if you think you may need to come after hours or on a Saturday morning we will always try to accommodate you.

Another option that we are now offering is a Virtual Consultation for out of town clients who would still like to meet with us 'face to face' and take a look around our store.  This can either be done just one on one by Facetime or Skype, or you can send a friend or relative to come in and we will connect together with you at your chosen time.  To use this option please click on the icon.
Sweet regards,

Lynne Jury
Let Them Eat Cakes